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Thursday, 2nd April 2009
In Japan Travel News,

Japan to revise road speed limits for first time in two decades

Speed limits on Japanese roads could soon be changed following a review by the National Police Agency (NPA).

The NPA stated that it is to revise speed limits throughout Japan for the first time in 20 years, the Associated Press reports.

A report was submitted to the National Public Safety Commission by a panel of experts who are calling for the rules about speed to be adjusted.

Under current rules, ordinary roads have a limit of 60kph and drivers on expressways cannot exceed 100kph.

A small number of thoroughfares have an 80kph limit in place, but under the changes this could be revised to cover all normal roads.

Exceptions to this rule would be streets near residential areas, which could see the limit lowered to 30kph.

Foreigners travelling to Japan can drive in the country for a year if they have obtained a recognised international driving permit in their home nation before embarking on their trip.

Written by Rosie Park