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Monday, 30th March 2009
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MySpace to launch karaoke service in Japan

Social networking site MySpace has launched a karaoke service for its Japanese users, it has emerged.

MySpace Karaoke claims to be the largest user-generated music service in the world and has already won over around eight million fans in Canada and the US since it began in those countries last year, reports the AFP.

Nimrod Lev, general manager of MySpace Karaoke, said he had previously thought that launching such a product in Japan would be like "selling ice to the Eskimos".

He told the news source: "Boy was I wrong. It seems like the land of karaoke has nothing even close to that. We met with all the leading companies there and they loved what they saw."

Users can now upload videos of themselves singing along to their favourite songs.

Karaoke is hugely popular in Japan and bars dedicated to the activity can be found across the country.

Written by Mark Smith