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Friday, 27th March 2009
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Wii sales 'top 50 million'

Worldwide sales of Nintendo's Wii video game console have now topped the 50 million mark since it was launched in 2006.

Almost half of the total sales of the machine were in Canada and the US, while Europe accounted for around 40 per cent, reports the Associated Press.

The remainder consisted mostly of Japanese sales.

One of the main reasons for the console's huge success has been its unique wireless controller, which is equipped with special sensors to allow users to play a more interactive role in games.

While Sony has appealed to seasoned gamers with its series of PlayStation consoles, Nintendo has attracted newcomers with its easier-to-play games.

Recently, Disney Interactive Studios announced the release of Toy Story Mania! for the Wii this autumn.

The game will feature on the characters of the hit Disney/Pixar films and be based on the theme park attraction at Disneyland.

Written by Graham McPherson

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