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Tuesday, 17th March 2009
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Asashoryu wins second consecutive sumo title

Sumo star Yokozuna Asashoryu clinched a second consecutive title victory after beating Kyokutenho on the first day of the Spring Grand Sumo Tournament.

Asashoryu easily muscled out his opponent at the Osaka Municipal Gymnasium, reports the Associated Press.

The wrestler brushed off calls for him to retire from the sport recently by defeating rival grand champion Hakuho on the last day of the New Year tournament.

In the weekend's bout, Hakuho beat Goeido in the penultimate bout of the meet.

Meanwhile, ozeki-ranked wrestler Harumafuji, formerly known as Ama, was beaten by Kotoshogiku in a decidedly lacklustre fight.

The world of sumo wrestling was embroiled in a storm of controversy recently after a wrestler was arrested and subsequently fired for possessing marijuana.

Last month, the Japan Sumo Association approved a drug ban which will affect all wrestlers, executives and sumo coaches, reports the Mainichi Daily News.

Written by Graham McPherson