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Thursday, 12th March 2009
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Osaka Monopoly 'selling well'

A Japanese version of the popular board Monopoly is proving a popular purchase during the economic downturn.

Based on the city of Osaka, players have to increase their assets by investing in properties such as Tsutenkaku Tower and Osaka Castle.

Mikihiro Ueda, a native of Osaka and an executive at the Japan Monopoly Association, told Kyodo News: "Compared with Tokyo and Kyoto, Osaka has a low profile and I wanted to make it better known and produce a new Osaka souvenir.

"For children, the game offers a good opportunity to study about money while engaging in conversation."

To celebrate the launch of Osaka Monopoly, a competition was held in January at the Tsutenkaku Tower.

Similar events are being planned at other sites that appear in the game.

Monopoly made its debut in the UK more than 70 years ago.

Hasbro, the makers of the game, recently launched a global edition featuring renewable energy utilities and internationally representative houses and hotels.

Written by Mike Cotgreave

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