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Monday, 9th March 2009
In Japan Entertainment News,

Barbie to launch Japan-only bridal range

Fans of Barbie who are planning to tie the knot in Japan may be pleased to learn that a new bridal range based on the famous doll is to be launched in the country soon.

The Barbie Bridal line is to go on sale in June and will only be available in Japan.

Reuters reports that the move is part of an attempt by Mattel, the manufacturer of the doll, to compete against market leader Licca-chan.

John Cullen, vice president of Mattel Brands, commented: "What's unique about Japan is that it's a very strong adult-apparel market.

"Once our apparel brand is established, then we can go back to our core target, kids."

Initially made in Japan, Barbie has sold around one billion units since it first appeared in US shops in 1959.

Mattel also produces a range of other toys including Matchbox Collectibles, Timeless Treasures and Disney Games.

Written by Graham McPherson