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Monday, 9th March 2009
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Japan to pay Afghan police officers' wages

Japan is to provide billions of yen to pay the wages of Afghan police officers in an effort to help the rebuilding effort in the country, it has emerged.

The Japanese government will fund the salary payments for a period of six months and may also provide billions more for security measures, anti-poverty schemes and the organisation of an election.

Japan has increased its aid contributions to the country following a request to do so by US secretary of state Hillary Clinton.

Afghanistan will not be required to repay the funds that will be directed through the United Nations Development Programme's special fund, reported Kyodo News.

Meanwhile US president Barack Obama has admitted that the US is losing the war in Afghanistan.

"The Taliban is bolder than it was. In the southern regions of the country you're seeing them attack in ways we have not seen previously," he commented.

Written by Mike Cotgreave