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Thursday, 5th March 2009
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Experience Kanda Matsuri in May

The vibrant religious festival of Kanda Matsuri takes place in the Shitamachi district of downtown Tokyo from May 7th to 15th.

As traditional dictates, locals will don their 'happi coats' and parade through the streets of the area while dancing, chanting and carrying portable golden shrines known as mikoshi.

A full-on version of the the festival takes place every two years, while a smaller scale event is held on years ending in odd numbers.

Kanda Matsuri dates back to the Edo period and is the precursor to the Sanno Matsuri which takes place at the Hie Shrine in June.

People wishing to learn more about the event while in Japan can visit the Kanda Myojin Museum which is open to the public on national holidays and during weekends.

The museum features displays of floats used during the festival and a diorama of the event, according to the Japan National Tourism Organisation.

Written by Mark Smith