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Friday, 27th February 2009
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Japan to extend food aid to Nepal

The Japanese government has announced it will increase the amount of food aid it sends to Nepal.

In a statement, the government commented: "The assistance is provided with the basic objective of enabling the government of Nepal to procure rice and supply it to the food-deficit districts [through] the national distribution network."

The move comes following the signing of an agreement Nepal's finance minister Rameshwar Prasad Khanal and Japan's ambassador to Nepal Tatsuo Mizuno, reports

Japan has been donating food aid to Nepal for several years.

In 2007, the country provided around 7.4 billion yen to Kathmandu.

News of the increase in food aid comes soon after Japan's lower house passed a record 88.5 trillion ten budget.

The spending package includes measures to boost employment in the country through public works projects.

New figures have shown that Japan's industrial output has fallen by ten per cent.