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Monday, 13th October 2008
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Enjoy the Tokyo bath house experience

Visitors to Tokyo who want to experience the traditional side of the city and get clean after a day of sightseeing can do so at the Kamparu-yu Bath House.

The family-run baths consist of two pools for both sexes: the atatakai (hot bath) and the nurui (tepid bath).

Bath houses have a long history in Japan, although they have been on the decline during the second half of the 20th century.

According to, "the hot bath is so hot as to remove the possibility of a prolonged soak".

Many modern bath houses also have a sauna and a bath full of cold water for customers to cool down in afterwards.

It is customary for visitors to remove their shoes before entering a bath house, just as if they are entering someone else's home.

Customers commonly take a small towel, soap and shampoo with them, although these are also often on sale.

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