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Wednesday, 25th February 2009
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The Grand Festival of Spring in Nikko City

The annual Grand Festival of Spring takes place at Nikko City's Toshogu Shrine in Tochigi Prefecture this May.

Among the highlights of the event is a Samurai procession featuring more than 1,000 men, musicians, Shinto priests and lion dancers.

The procession honours Tokugawa, Japan's first ever Shogun who was buried at the shrine in the 17th century.

One of the country's most popular places of worship, the Toshogu Shrine was built to commemorate the founding of the Tokugawa dynasty, reports Whatsonwhen.

The shrine complex is set in a beautiful forest and contains over a dozen Buddhist and Shinto buidlings.

Combined tickets can be purchased, permitting entrance to the Rinnoji, Taiyuinbyo and Futarasan Shrines.

Nikko itself is an area of outstanding natural beauty and provides an ideal retreat from the busy streets of Tokyo.

The city's stunning landscape is transformed in autumn when the leaves change colour.