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Tuesday, 17th February 2009
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Ishikawa prepares for US PGA debut

Ryo Ishikawa, Japan's 17-year-old golfing sensation, is preparing to make his debut on the US PGA circuit.

Thanks to a sponsor's exemption, Ishikawa will take part in three US PGA tournaments before playing at the Augusta National Golf Club on April 9th, reports AFP.

When he tees off, he will become the second-youngest player ever to take part in the US Masters.

He commented: "Of course, I am pinning hope on myself in some way. But I also have as much fear, or what you may call a negative thought, that I won't make it over there."

In 2007, the golfer became the youngest player to win a regular men's tournament on the Japan Golf Tour.

He was 15 years and eight months old at the time.

After turning professional in 2008, he became the youngest player ever to reach Official World Gold Rankings top 100 list.