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Thursday, 12th February 2009
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Celebrating Valentine's Day in Japan

People across Japan will be getting ready to celebrate Valentine's Day on Saturday (February 14th), however the Japanese version of the event is somewhat different to our own.

On Valentine's Day, it is men who will be the recipients of chocolates as women give them as gifts to their boyfriends, spouses, male friends and colleagues.

As tradition dictates, men return the favour a month later on March 14th, reports Forbes.

The sequel to Valentine's Day is known as White Day and sees men giving gifts such as white chocolate, jewellery and lingerie.

Jack Santino, professor of folklore and popular culture at Bowling Green State University, said that "Valentine's Day has really caught on" in Japan.

He added: "It is very important to have a date."

A survey by found that 67 per cent of women in Japan said they celebrated Valentine's Day compared to 45 per cent of men.

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