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Thursday, 5th February 2009
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Honda introduces 'cheapest' hybrid car

Japanese car manufacturer Honda has begun selling the cheapest hybrid vehicle on the market.

Known as the Insight, the gas-electric hybrid car has a starting price of 1.98 million yen and is currently only available in Japan and the US.

Takeo Fukui, Honda president, commented: "Pricing is key when we think about making the hybrid widespread.

"It has to be an appealing price. But it still must make sense for us as a business. It is a very ambitious goal."

The five-door hatchback vehicle has gone on sale at a difficult time for the motor trade around the world as demand plunges amid the global economic downturn.

In the US, new car sales plunged to a 26-year low in January.

Meanwhile, Suzuki has just reported a sharp fall in profits in the nine months leading up to December.

Operating profits at the company fell by 43 per cent as a result of the strong yen and falling demand.

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