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Tuesday, 3rd February 2009
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The March Grand Sumo Tournament in Osaka

Visitors to Japan next month could be in with a chance to see some of the world of sumo wrestling biggest names battling it out at the March Grand Sumo Tournament.

The event takes place at the Osaka Municipal Gymnasium and is one of six Grand Tournaments that are due to take place during 2009.

People intending to get tickets to the event may want to keep in mind that the best seats in the house are located closest to the ring (dohyo).

Sumo continues to be one of the most popular sports in Japan and still provides an amazing spectacle for tourists.

The sport has, however, been hit by controversy lately after a number of wrestlers were found to be users of marijuana.

In the latest incident, second-division wrestler Wakakirin was fired by the Japan Sumo Association after he was found to be smoking the substance.