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Wednesday, 28th January 2009
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Love speaks of Japan 'obsession'

Courtney Love, the controversial rocker and ex-wife of the late Kurt Cobain, has spoken of her obsession with Japan on MySpace blog.

In the somewhat obscure blog posting, the singer wrote of her admiration for an actress in the Japanese teen rock movie, Nana, by Ai Kawazawa.

She commented: "I do love my Ai. I'd love to get in touch with her. Anyway - I hear she's the one to give a song to and I'm obsessed with a Japanese female artist crossing over here - it'd be so cool."

Love, who is 44, was previously married to Cobain, the former frontman of US grunge legends Nirvana, who committed suicide in 1994.

Rolling Stone magazine once referred to her as "the most controversial women in the history of rock".

She recently said that she would not perform in an all-girl line-up again as the music is not very good.

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