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Monday, 25th February 2008
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Vintage coin sold at auction

An antique Japanese coin has been sold at an auction held by the Japanese Finance Ministry.

Issued in 1880, the ¥2 coin was finally sold at the auction in Tokyo for a total of ¥32.1 million, reports the Japan Times.

Made of gold, no other coins of this type are held by Japan's government.

Introduced in 1872 by Japan's Meiji government, the yen is now the world's third most-traded currency behind both the US dollar and the euro.

During the auction, which took place on February 24th, 1,400 separate coins were sold.

In a separate bid, a ¥5 coin fetched a total of ¥4.55 million. The coin had been issued in 1896.

"It was fun seeing all those rare items, but it was more expensive than I thought it would be," said the purchaser of the ¥5 coin.