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Thursday, 28th February 2008
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Olmert 'offers thanks' to Japan's PM

The prime minister of Israel Ehud Olmert has offered thanks to Yasuo Fukuda, the prime minister of Japan.

In comments made during a visit to the country, Mr Olmert thanked Mr Fukuda for the country's promotion of peace initiatives in the Middle East, reports the Japan Times.

Specifically, Mr Olmert mentioned the work conducted by Japan as part of the Corridor for Peace and Prosperity initiative.

The first meeting for 11 years - on Japanese territory - with the prime minister of Israel will conclude today (February 28th) when Mr Olmert leaves Japan.

"We regard highly and support the efforts undergone by Prime Minister Olmert along with President (Mahmoud) Abbas of the Palestinian Authority toward realising Middle Eastern peace," said Mr Fukuda.

During the meeting between the two prime ministers, Mr Olmert, who took over from Ariel Sharon in 2006, confirmed that a peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinian Authority may be completed before the end of 2008.