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Monday, 3rd March 2008
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Japan's PM offers 'emotional apology'

The prime minister of Japan has offered an emotional apology to relatives of two missing fishermen.

According to reports by the Japan Times, a tearful Yasuo Fukuda has apologised to the family members of the two fishermen who went missing on February 19th after their boat collided with a destroyer from Japan's Self-Defence Force (SDF).

The meeting, between relatives and the prime minister, lasted for a total of 30 minutes and was not open to representatives from the media.

"I want the defence ministry and the [SDF] to become truly trusted by the people. To that end, we need reform and minister [Shigeru] Ishiba should take the lead," said Mr Fukuda.

Mr Ishiba is the country's minister for defence.

Relatives of the two fishermen quoted the prime minister as saying: "I am really sorry for all the troubles."

Japan's SDF is split into three distinct branches, comparable the UK's separation of air, ground and sea military capabilities.