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Thursday, 6th March 2008
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Presidential visit 'could face delays'

The visit of China's president to Japan could be delayed.

According to reports by the Japan Times, as a consequence of a dispute over contaminated dumplings from China, the forthcoming visit of president Hu Jintao to Tokyo could be postponed until May.

Japanese media had reported that the meeting would originally take place around the middle of April.

The dumplings affected are known as gyoza and are usually filled with either vegetables or ground meat. Gyoza are popular in a number of countries, including Korea, Japan, China and the US.

Japan's current dumpling controversy was caused by the contamination of the gyoza with a pesticide known as methamidophos.

"We should not turn the gyoza poisoning incident into a political problem. The incident is about [food safety and] consumer confidence," said Tomohiko Taniguchi, deputy press secretary for Japan's foreign ministry.

Masahiko Komura, Japan's foreign minister, added: "I don't think any development [from the investigations] will determine the dates of [Hu's] visit."

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