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Friday, 7th March 2008
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NPA confirms food safety violation statistics

Japan's National Police Agency (NPA) has confirmed the number of food safety violations committed last year.

According to reports by Kyodo News, over the course of 2007 the agency confirmed that there were 52 suspected breaches of regulations governing food safety.

Consequently, 90 individuals either faced arrest or had their details sent to prosecutors.

"Police responsibilities under the Police Law include 'protecting life, person and property; preventing, suppressing and investigating crimes; apprehending suspects; traffic enforcement; and, maintaining public safety and order'," said the NPA, an organisation with a history going back to 1872.

While most cases involved firms operating businesses providing food services without the correct licences, other crimes were also committed, including those relating to the labelling of food and instances of poor food hygiene.

In one case, a product labelled as "100 per cent beef" actually contained a certain quantity of pork.