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Thursday, 13th March 2008
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Government investigates 'iPod defects'

Apple Japan is under the spotlight after the government confirmed it is investigating allegations that one of its popular iPod players 'shot sparks' when recharged.

Originating in the Kanagawa Prefecture, the problem was allegedly reported to Apple in January, who passed a report to the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (Meti) in March, according to Japan Times.

The newspaper states a Meti source confirmed the reportedly defective portable payer was an IPod Nano with model number MA099J/A and a fault with the lithium-ion battery is thought to be the cause.

Meti have stressed that no one was harmed in the incident, however the occurrence has reportedly been categorised as a fire, with Apple instructed to locate the cause and make a report to the ministry.

According to Japan Times, 425,000 iPod Nanos with the same model number are currently in circulation in Japan.

Apple's iPod range is the best selling digital auto player series in history with sales of iPods responsible for 42 per cent of the company's profits.

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