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Friday, 14th March 2008
In Japan Entertainment News,

Toshiba 'still evaluating HD DVD losses'

Japan's Toshiba is still counting the cost of its lost High Definition (HD) DVD war with Sony, having announced it will stop producing the super-density discs and players.

An article in Japan Times suggested the company stands to lose ¥50 billion from discontinuing the line and a further ¥50 billion in previously predicted business year profits, for the period up to the end of March 2008.

However, a statement from the company claims the reports are unsubstantiated, saying: "When we have determined if a revision to our earnings forecast for the fiscal year ending in March is necessary we will release it as soon as possible."

HD DVDs were high-density optical format discs that were intended to replace standard DVDs.

Despite being cheaper than Sony's Blu-Ray equivalent, Toshiba's HD DVDs and players failed to capture the worldwide market's imaginations and in February the company announced it would discontinue production of the next-generation video format.