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Tuesday, 25th March 2008
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New enhancements to quake projection levels at nuclear plant

Proposals to improve the earthquake resilience levels at Matsue nuclear plant were yesterday ruled out, despite proposals to increase quake projection levels at the plant.

According to an announcement by Chugoku Electric Power Company, the planned projection increase follows the discovery that a fault line, previously estimated to be 10 km in length, could actually be more than 20 km, reports Kyodo.

"We believe that the core equipment of our plant can fully withstand the greatest possible quake and that it does not fall short of the required safety standards even if the quake ground motion is raised to 600 gals," said a representative from the company.

The revision in the estimated length of the fault effectively doubles the size of the largest possible tremor.

A representative from the firm confirmed that significant reinforcements to the plant might be made at a future time, should it prove to be necessary.

Throughout the 20th century, Japan has suffered from a number of earthquakes, including one in Kobe in 1995, which resulted in the death of more than 6,400 individuals.

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