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Wednesday, 24th September 2008
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What's happening in Tokyo this October?

Next month sees a range of annual events taking place in Japan that will give visitors to the country a taste of Japanese culture and custom.

Furusato Tokyo Matsuri (Metropolitan Citizen's Day) is the first major festival of the month in the capital and takes place on the first weekend of October.

The month also sees the celebration of Ningyo-kuyo in which priests conduct the ceremonial burning of dolls in Ueno-koen Park in the hope of stimulating fertility among childless couples.

Oeshiki, the commemoration of the founder of the Nichiren Buddhist sect, sees lanterns and paper flower arrangements taken to the Hommon-ji Temple, while the Autumn Festival - or Tosho-gu - features equestrian archery performances.

Similarly, the Meji Reidaisai - held in honour of the Meiji emperor's birthday - includes horseback archery, in addition to music and dance.

Fans of hourseback archery will be able to enjoy a festival totally dedicated to the sport which will be ne held in Tokyo in April 2009.