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Tuesday, 25th March 2008
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Japan's PM suffers drop in support

Japan's prime minister, Yasuo Fukuda, has suffered a pronounced fall in public support, it has been found.

Reports by the Financial Times assert that the fall is a product of rising levels of negative sentiment, in relation to a failure by the Japanese government to break the deadlock with the country's opposition party.

The deadlock is impacting upon the ability of the government to make a number of significant policy decisions, it has been claimed.

Robert Feldman, chief economist at the Tokyo arm of Morgan Stanley, told the paper: "People are worried about his ability to implement policies. It will not inspire extra confidence in the market."

Indeed, a recent poll by Japanese broadcaster TV Asahi found that public support for Mr Fukuda has fallen to 24.7 per cent, a decline of six points.

And a separate study by Yomiuri, a Japanese newspaper, found that 64 per cent of respondents were not happy with the performance of both the country's cabinet and prime minister.

Mr Fukuda was appointed to the post of prime minister in 2007, following the departure of Shinzo Abe.