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Thursday, 3rd April 2008
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Japanese boxer defends title

A boxer in Japan has successfully defended his World Boxing Association (WBA) flyweight title.

Reports by the Associated Press have revealed that Saturday's fight between the defending champion Takefumi Sakata and Shingo Yamaguchi was won by Mr Sakata by a points unanimous verdict.

Born in 1980, Mr Sakata has won a total of 32 fights, with four losses, according to

"I was able to keep my cool. I was able to see all the punches of the opponent," said Mr Sakata.

Mr Yamaguchi added: "I handed [away] the initiative in the second half of the bout."

According to, Mr Yamaguchi has won a total of 22 fights, with two draws and five losses and both fighters made use of an orthodox stance.

Established in the US in 1921, the WBA was originally known as the National Boxing Association until a name change in 1962.