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Monday, 21st November 2016
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Japan airports to provide duty free shops on arrival

Visitors arriving in Japan will be able to take advantage of duty free shops at international airports from next year.

According to sources from the country’s ruling party, as of the fiscal 2017 year, tourists will be encouraged to spend more money by finding such retailers in the arrivals area.

Another element of the reform will see five nations removed from the list of those that are offered preferential tarrifs in a system that was designed to favour developing markets.

China, Brazil, Mexico, Thailand and Malaysia will be the countries to be affected by this change from fiscal 2019.

The programme is said to no longer need to include these nations as they have achieved the economic growth that the favourable conditions aimed to support.

It is thought that the tax reform plan will be approved in December by those in power. At present, that is a coalition of the Liberal Democratic Party and the Komeito Party.

At the moment, duty free shops are only located in departure areas of Japan’s airports, but an increasing number of hubs across the world are introducing them into arrivals, so the nation intends to follow suit.

It will make it easier for travellers and those returning home to buy gifts for hosts and loved-ones or even items to enjoy during their stay.

Another change that is being made to arrivals at Japanese airports is automated immigration gates for frequent visitors.

Those travellers who visit the country on a regular basis and are considered low-risk are now able to process their own immigration at unmanned gates.

It is hoped that such a move will mean shorter queues for everyone, improving first impressions for those arriving in Japan.