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Friday, 23rd September 2016
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Magnitude 6.4 earthquake hits south-east of Tokyo

An earthquake with a magnitude of 6.4 has been reported in Japan, with its epicentre being to the south-east of Tokyo.

The tremors were felt at 9.14 on Friday morning (September 23rd), local time, with the US Geological Survey suggesting the quake began at a depth of ten kilometres.

Originating in a spot 230 kilometres outside of the country’s capital, nine of Japan’s prefectures felt the effects.

Japan’s weather agency said that slight changes to the sea level could have occurred as a result, but the Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre in Hawaii has not issued notice of large waves.

The quake began in the Japan Trench, which is found in the North Pacific Ocean, and marks the point where the Pacific, Eurasian and Philippine plates meet.

Its proximity to the largest of Japan’s islands, Honshu, means there is a constant threat of such activity and there are a number of tremors felt every year.

As a result, the country has strict building codes to help withstand any shocks and their vigorous enforcement has led to minimal damage in recent years.

That does not mean that such quakes should not be taken seriously, as they can have severe consequences, especially when tsunamis are triggered as a result.

Local officials are well versed in earthquake protocol and anyone travelling to Japan at the time of a tremor should follow instructions to keep themselves safe.

More information about the after effects of the quake are likely to surface over the coming hours and days.

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