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Monday, 8th August 2016
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Companies offer support in fight against Japan?s dwindling population

An increased number of companies in Japan are offering additional support to female employees that are trying to conceive.

The help, which comes in the form of professional advice and additional leave, is part of a bid to stop the country’s population decline.

Of all the world’s industrialised countries, Japan has one of the lowest fertility rates, as it stood at 1.42 in 2014.

The figure refers to the estimated number of children a woman will give birth to in her lifetime.

Compare this with other nations, such as the US at 1.86, France at 1.98 and Italy at 1.37 and the Declining Birthrate white paper produced by the government really highlights the severity of the issue.

Among the Japanese companies that has launched initiatives to help promote fertility in its female workers is Rohto.

The pharmaceutical firm offers fertility seminars and maternity leave benefits to the 60 per cent of its workforce who are female.

Masako Rikiishi, head of merchandise planning at Rohto, told Japan Today: “We want employees to stay long with us after giving birth to their children and returning to their jobs.

“We thought it necessary to offer seminars to help employees stay healthy and happy.”
Rohto is far from unusual, however, with the likes of CyberAgent Inc also proving flexible when it comes to promoting fertility.

The information technology company offers special leave for anyone undergoing fertility treatment.

Since it started offering the leave in 2014, around ten applications have been made a month from the 700 or so female employees at the firm.

Fuji Xerox Co also offers additional leave for fertility treatment, while Toyota Motor Corp is discussing similar plans with unionised workers to put a system in place.