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Monday, 13th June 2016
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Follow Joanna Lumley's adventures in Japan in new series

A new three-part series commissioned by ITV will provide plenty of inspiration for anyone thinking of travelling to Japan in the near future.

Joanna Lumley, of Absolutely Fabulous fame, will be visiting some of the most well-known parts of the country, as well as its unchartered corners.

The documentary will see Lumley, 70, travel by plane, train, boat and on foot as she covers more than 2,000 miles.

Joanna Lumley’s Japan sees the actress embark on her journey in Hokkaido in the north, before moving on to Honshu, which is the biggest and most populated of all of Japan’s islands.

Like many travellers to Japan, Lumley takes a bullet train to the capital Tokyo, before venturing to Kyoto, where she uncovers the nation’s fascinating history.

The next destination on her list is Shikoku Island, which as the smallest of Japan’s major islands is less frequently visited by tourists, although it is a popular pilgrimage site for the faithful.

Finally, she ends up on the island of Kyushu, which is known for its active volcanoes and associated hot springs, which the Japanese call onsen.

Speaking of her adventure, Lumley said: "Isn't it odd, we feel we are so familiar with Japan, with sushi and Toshiba, kimonos and Hello Kitty, tsunamis and sake... and yet when we travelled around that spectacular country I couldn't even guess at the unknown wonders that were in store for us.

"Every moment was thrilling, fascinating and often very moving. With my hand on my heart I can say: please come with me... to Japan!"

Look out for showings of Joanna Lumley’s Japan on ITV later this year.