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Monday, 14th April 2008
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Candles lit at Tokyo Buddhist temple

A number of candles have been lit at a Buddhist temple in the Nagano district of Tokyo.

According to reports by Kyodo, the candles were placed and lit by a local community group yesterday (April 13th) as part of a saying of prayers for those in Tibet who have become victims of the territory's violent unrest.

The event involved approximately 60 individuals and a total of 177 candles at the Nagano Zenkoji Buddhist temple.

"Both the philosophy of the Olympics and of Buddhism is harmony among diversity. I hope that our wish for a peace in the world will come true," said a representative of the group, a monk.

A march by candlelight also took place in the Tokyo ward of Shibuya.

Born in India, according to the BBC, Buddhism came to Tibet during the seventh century.

The Dalai Lama resided in Tibet until 1959, when an uprising against the Chinese resulted in failure.