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Monday, 14th December 2015
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Strawberry shortcake crisps now available in Japan

When it comes to snack foods with unusual flavours, Japan always seems to be experimenting, which is why it’s no surprise a new crisp flavour has been launched.

The Koikeya food company has released strawberry shortcake inspired crisps in the run-up to Christmas, as traditionally, this is the cake usually eaten in Japan at this time of year.

It’s thought to represent Santa Claus, as the red berries are like his clothes and the whipped cream is similar to the trim on his coat.

Strawberry cheesecake is eaten in households up and down the country on December 24th and 25th for this very reason.

The snack company has therefore decided to release this new product to tap into the festive market.

As opposed to being some sort of synthetic substitute for the fruit, the crisps are made from real strawberries and there is just one place in Japan that is famous for them.

The top producer of Tochiotome strawberries in the country is Tochigi Prefecture and this is where the flavour is being sourced.

Looking like a standard crisp in the packet, these morsels have been carefully created to allow all the flavours from strawberry to whipped cream to present themselves to the eater.

Those who have tried the crisps say they are bizarrely accurate when it comes to the taste profile and while they’re unlikely to replace a cake at Christmas, they will probably be popular due to the novelty value.

They launch today (December 14th) and will be available nationwide for a limited time only, priced at 130 yen (70p) at all major convenience stores.

Other flavours of crisps travellers may wish to try while visiting Japan include banana and matcha green tea.