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Friday, 23rd October 2015
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Japanese TV to show its first lesbian drama

For the first time in Japan, a drama series with a love story at its centre is to be aired on television.

Fuji TV will debut Transit Girls on November 7th and will tell the tale of two women who become stepsisters when their parents remarry.

The main characters, played by Sairi Ito and Yui Sakuma, do not get on at first, but all that changes over time.

Promotional photos for the series have already been released in Japan, featuring the two women in bed smiling at each other.

Maki Muraki, leader of non-profit organisation Nijiiro Diversity, has spoken out against the show, suggesting it portrays an outdated image of same-sex couples.

She told the Japan Times: Having two girls lying naked on a white sheet and using words like 'forbidden' is a little out of date, I think.

"The things we do are not about sex. We face a lot of difficulties in our life, for example in the workplace. To be told that the image of us is one of sex doesn't make me happy."

Fuji TV defended the series, saying that the plot is based on a heartwarming love story and that it is just a coincidence that the two main characters are girls.

Muraki said that while the topic was new for Japan, countries such as the USA have been dealing with such issues since 2006 and that Fuji TV should be doing something more innovative.

She used the example of Modern Family, which portrays gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people (LGBT) in their everyday lives.

In March this year, Shibuya Ward in Tokyo became the first place in Japan to class same-sex unions as the equivalent of marriage.

Since then, Setagaya Ward has announced it is to do the same, with the changes coming into force in November.

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