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Friday, 25th April 2008
In Business In Japan,

Record results at Mazda

Japanese car manufacturer Mazda has posted record results for the seventh consecutive year, according to their 2007 profit round up.

All revenues and profit levels showed an increase in turnover, with fiscal-year figures showing a global retail volume sales of 1,363,000 units, representing a rise of almost five per cent.

Mazda President and chief executive officer Hisakazu Imaki commented: "We will continue to raise business efficiency, accelerate cost innovation and enhance brand value through new product launches and increased customer satisfaction.

"In doing this successfully, we will achieve the aims set out in the Mazda advancement plan."

Consolidated sales revenue posted an even greater rise - of seven per cent - to a record-breaking level of 3,475.8 billion yen (£16.77 billion), with further record rises of two per cent and 25 per cent respectively for consolidated operating profits and net income.

Mazda produced its first vehicle - a three-wheeled truck - in 1931 and completed its 800,000th Roadster in 2007.

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