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Tuesday, 22nd September 2015
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Nagoya becomes Japan's second fair trade town

Nagoya is the latest city in Japan to be recognised as fair trade town, after it was commended for its trade relations with producers in developing countries.

Offering reasonable conditions and premium prices for items coming from such nations gives people a fighting chance to make an honest living.

Nagoya, which has a population of 2.27 million, met all six of the criteria set out by the Fair Trade Forum Japan to call itself a fair trade town.

One of the requirements is that there must be at least one fair trade shop per every 10,000 residents.

The first fair trade town was Garstang in the UK, which was recognised in the year 2000. Since then a further 1,700 locations across 26 countries have been given the status.

Kumamoto in southwestern Japan was the first municipality in Asia to be awarded the status when it was added to the list in 2011.

Citizens of Nagoya wanted to follow in Kumamoto's footsteps and by 2013 had launched the Fair Trade Nagoya Network.

It has been backed by the Nagoya city assembly and Mayor Takashi Kawamura.

Satomi Harada, leader of the network, said: "We hope to promote fair trade in collaboration with the city from now on."

Nagoya is the capital of Aichi prefecture and although it is predominantly a manufacturing hub, it has some attractions of interest to tourists.

These include the Naka area of the city, which is home to a variety of museums and Nagoya Castle, where the royal family lived in the Edo period.

The Sakae entertainment district boasts the Sky-Boat Ferris Wheel, measuring no less than 42 metres in height and offering great views of the surrounding landscape.

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