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Wednesday, 30th April 2008
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Food labelling changes planned in Tokyo

Frozen food producers based in Japan will have to list which country their main ingredients originate from under plans put forward by Tokyo metropolitan government.

A panel on consumer affairs is looking into the issue, which came to prominence when traces of pesticide were recently found in frozen gyoza dumplings from China.

Methamidophos was found in 39 packages made by Tianyang Food Co at a wholesaler in Osaka.

Under the new proposals, which could come into force as soon as this summer, firms will be forced to alter labelling in order to sell produce in the Japanese capital after, reports.

Companies would be legally required to state where the three top ingredients, accounting for over five per cent of weight, of any frozen product are sourced from.

The metropolitan government does not intend to extend the labelling scheme to frozen foods produced overseas, claiming it would be impossible to enforce.