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Thursday, 1st May 2008
In Weather In Japan,

Heat wave in Hokkaido

Residents of Saroma, Hokkaido will be feeling the heat this week (May 1st) as temperatures topped 30 degrees Celsius in the region.

According to local meteorological analysis, for the first time this year the temperature rose steadily upwards before peaking at 30.5 degrees Celsius at 10:00 local time on Thursday, reports Mainichi Daily News.

This represents the earliest time for temperatures in the northern prefecture to pass the 30 degree mark in over ten years, with such levels usually recorded in mid-June.

The Hokkaido heat wave is thought to have been caused by high atmospheric pressure from the Pacific ocean, which has also contributed to unusually high temperatures for the time of year in several other cities.

Meanwhile, no casualties or significant building damage have been reported following a level four earthquake that struck southern Hokkaido and the northern area of the neighbouring Aomori Prefecture 14:26 local time on Tuesday, April 29th.

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