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Tuesday, 14th July 2015
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Fuji Safari Park builds transparent elephant swimming pool

A zoo in Japan has built a huge transparent swimming tank for its elephants, allowing visitors to see how these incredible creatures move underwater.

Holidaymakers adding the Fuji Safari Park in the city of Susono, located in eastern Shizuoka Prefecture, to their itineraries will get the chance to see these large animals move majestically like never before.

One of the most fun aspects of watching the elephants swimming around the 65-metre long pool is observing the way they breathe.

The creatures poke just the very tip of their trunk out of the water, using it as if it were a snorkel, meaning the rest of their bodies can stay submerged.

On average, the elephants swim three laps a day in their new leisure area, with staff saying they then eat much more than usual, due to the energy they have used up.

The Fuji Safari Park is located on Honshu Island and can be found at the foot of Japan's tallest mountain, which gives the zoo its name.

This iconic setting means visitors can see animals up close and take photos of them with the instantly recognisable snow-capped peak behind.

As well as the elephants, visitors can see everything from cheetahs, zebras and buffaloes to rabbits, which are perfect for the little ones to pet.

Animal food is distributed to visitors, allowing each person to feed their favourite creatures.

There are seven sections to the park and it is possible to ride on large buses, decorated to look like some of the animals.