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Thursday, 8th May 2008
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JEF United show boss the door

Seven proved to be an unlucky number for now ex-JEF United Chiba manager Josip Kuze on Wednesday (May 7th).

The Croatian coach's seventh consecutive defeat at the club he has been in charge of for just four months was enough to see him red-carded by a fed-up board of directors, according to Japan Times.

Just the previous day, Kuze had insisted to reporters that his job was not under threat, stating: "I was talking within the club and […] they want me to stay."

"The players are happy I am here […] - I think it is OK in the dressing room, with the coaching staff and in training," he added.

However, an entirely different picture has been painted by team captain Tomi Shimomura, who has publicly criticised his team for infighting and individual players for showboating, the newspaper reports.

A hefty 3-0 defeat at the Saitama Stadium was enough to change any minds that may still have been in Kuze's favour, ending the former Rwandan national team coach's $400,000 (£205,000) per season contract.