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Monday, 29th June 2015
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Two robots marry in Japan

The first ever robot wedding has been carried out in Japan, with the bride, groom and official overseeing the ceremony all being versions of the advanced gadgets.

Robots Frois and Yukirin tied the knot on Saturday in front of an audience of 100 invited guests, with the newly released Softbank robot Pepper officiating the proceedings.

Frois, the groom, was bedecked in a bow tie, while Yukirin wore a long white wedding dress, appropriate for a bride.

The union in Tokyo was sealed with a kiss, as Frois extended a silver disk from his mouth towards his legally wedded wife.

Once the ceremony was complete, there was a reception featuring robot dance performers, a tiered wedding cake and a buffet.

The whole occasion was thought up by an avant-garde technology and art unit called Maywa Denki, which tapped into two of Japan's great loves - lavish weddings and robots.

Maywa Denki designed Frois and by having him married to another robot is a great way of personifying him and getting publicity.

Among the guests, some of whom had paid 9,830 yen (£51) to attend the ceremony, were several other smaller robot models.

Invitations, complete with a photo of the couple framed by a heart, had been sent out prior to the event.

This latest episode follows on from a robot called I-Fairy carrying out a wedding ceremony for a couple in Japan five years ago.

When it occurred, that too was a world's first, but seems more logical than two robots tying the knot.