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Monday, 22nd June 2015
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Red burgers to go on sale in Japan

Japan is well-known for its quirky style and the nation's ability to go mad for a new trend, so the launch of a new burger is likely to be a hit.

The red burger has been invented by Burger King Japan and will feature a red bun and red cheese, reports the Wall Street Journal.

Not only will the colouring of the new burger be red hot, but the flavour too, as diners will be treated to the taste of red miso hot sauce when they bite into it.

The Aka Samurai burger, as it is to be known, will be a limited edition feature on the fast food chain's menu and is due to go on sale on July 3rd.

Diners will be able to choose between chicken and beef for the patty, with all the usual trimmings of tomato, lettuce and sauce inside.

Anyone keen to understand the science behind the red hue of the bun and cheese will be pleased to know that the colour will come from tomato powder, which will probably add an extra dimension to the overall taste.

The Aka Samurai burger will not be the first time that Burger King Japan has played around with the colouration of its products.

Last year, an all-black burger, featuring a black bun, black cheese and deep-fired aubergine was made available at the chain.

The Kuro Shogun was so popular that it will be returning for a limited time on August 21st, but also inspired Burger King Japan to produce the red burger.

Chicken Aka Samurai burgers will be priced at 540 yen (£2.77), while the beef version will be more expensive at 690 yen, which will be the same price as the Kuro Shogun burgers when they return.

Queues to sample the Aka Samurai burger when it is released are likely to be lengthy, with the Japanese appetite for new ideas insatiable, but anyone visiting Japan in July may wish to enjoy a taste of this latest trend.

What will come next is anyone's guess. Green burgers perhaps?

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