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Tuesday, 19th May 2015
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Japan to install high-tech toilets at tourist sites

Visitors to Japan could soon be enjoying the most up-to-date toilet technology, after the country's government made the decision to install high-tech lavatories at a number of tourist sites.

The authorities plan to position the toilets in places such as airports that tourists are likely to encounter, along with promotional videos instructing the visitor on their use.

Features of the lavatories will include heated seats, bidet jets, odour neutralisers, noise-masking melodies and seats that lift or descend automatically.

While many tourists often shy away from using toilets in public spaces outside of their hotels, these new innovations are likely to have the opposite effect.

When entering the cubicle, visitors will be met with a panel of buttons and lights to operate the lavatory and get the most of the technology.

The Japanese government is so keen to highlight the benefits of the toilets that it is launching a worldwide drive to promote them, the Yomiuri Shimbun newspaper reports.

A growth strategy is to be created surrounding the toilets over the summer, the news provider added.

While the features of the new toilet are innovative, the people of Japan are already used to more technologically advanced lavatories than most.

Those plumbed into private residences and public facilities alike are usually connected to mains electricity, meaning they offer more options than a standard loo.

Japan's toilets have also found favour with a number of celebrities, with the likes of Madonna and Will Smith discussing their virtues, according to the Telegraph.

Tokyo's Narita International Airport will be one of the first places to have the toilets installed, allowing visitors to experience characteristic Japanese technology as soon as they arrive.