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Monday, 12th May 2008
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Japanese schoolboy seeks damages after 'popularity poll'

A schoolboy in Japan is seeking damages after being named the most unpopular child in his school class.

According to reports by Mainichi Daily News, the child is filing the suit - in partnership with his parents - following the school poll, which took place at a Chiba-based junior high school in April 2005.

During the poll, it has been claimed that the child's teacher instructed classmates to draw up a list of liked and disliked peers.

"It's true that the lawsuit has arrived. We want to confirm the contents, and investigate the facts," said a representative from the municipal board of education in Chiba.

A total of ¥10 million is being sought in damages.

With its capital Chiba City, Chiba Prefecture is situated on the main Japanese island of Honshu, within the area of Greater Tokyo.

The history of the prefecture goes back to 1873, when it was created from the merger of Inba and Kisarazu prefectures.