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Wednesday, 21st May 2008
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Japanese city 'rejoices' over Obama

Presidential candidate Barack Obama was not the only Obama celebrating his victory in the Oregon primary yesterday.

Residents of Obama, Japan were reportedly "dancing with glee" following the Democrat nomination hopeful's victory over rival Hillary Clinton, after pledging their support to the senator's campaign, according to the Times.

The victory means Mr Obama is just 70 delegates away from securing his party's presidential nomination - despite losing to Ms Clinton in Kentucky.

Head of the local tourism board for Obama, Japan Seiji Fujihara is quoted as saying: "We want to have more campaigns that could help Mr Obama and continue our fight until the very end of the election."

However, the reason for the town's support of Mr Obama's campaign is not entirely based on politics - residents are reportedly hoping a victory for their namesake would boost tourism and thus the economy in their hometown.

Mr Obama beat Ms Clinton by 53 per cent to 42 per cent in Oregon, but lost Kentucky by polling just 30 per cent to Ms Clinton's 65 per cent majority.

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