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Wednesday, 28th January 2015
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Ome Marathon slated for mid-February

Tokyo will once again play host to the enormous Ome Marathon, considered one of the most major citizen marathon races in Japan, with the incredible event slated to occur in the middle of next month.

February 15th will see the runners taking up their positions at the starting line, with this year's event set to be even more anticipated than usual since the event was last year cancelled due to heavy snowfall.

The marathon takes place in the Ome City, located in the Tokyo metropolis, and sees thousands of people from all over the country flocking to take part.

While some take on the occasion wearing costumes and hoping for nothing more than just a good time, others opt for a more serious approach, and it has been known to attract former Olympic hopefuls.

Participants vary from world-class athletes and high school students to exercise veterans in their 70s who just want to get involved.

Although the race is called Ome Marathon, it is technically shorter than racers might expect, with the full course measuring in at just 30km as opposed to 42.2km. The half-marathon is equally as bafflingly named since it only measures 10km.

However, the shorter distances do allow for more people to take part in the race, which is one of Tokyo's most popular annual sporting festivals.

Japan's marathons and other citywide sporting events are likely to grow in popularity over the next few years as the country grows ever closer to hosting the Olympics, which are set to take place in Tokyo in 2020.

After the Ome Marathon, spectators and participants alike often head up to the nearby Mount Mitake to enjoy a panoramic view of central Tokyo - including high-rise buildings in Shinjuku and Tokyo Tower - as the sun sets.