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Wednesday, 31st December 2014
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Tokyo to welcome One Piece theme park

Tokyo is to become the first city in the world to have a theme park based on the popular manga One Piece this year, with the long-awaited attraction finally getting an opening date for March 13th, much to the relief of fans.

Visitors will be able to experience rides, attractions and eateries designed with the world of the cartoon in mind, with an exciting programme of attractions and live entertainment lined up for those keen to get their blood going in the park.

While entertainment company Amusequest, which was responsible for commissioning the attraction, has confirmed its latest venture will be open from March 13th, other details have been scarce, with the firm wanting to contain the surprise.

However, a spokesman said the amusement park - located in Tokyo Tower's Foot Town - will be called Tokyo One Piece Tower, and there will be plenty of opportunity for fans to purchase limited edition goods.

Amusequest also released a set of concept art for various attractions relating to characters from One Piece, including members of Captain Monkey D. Luffy's Straw Hats crew - Chopper, Nami, Brook, Zoro, and Robin.

One Piece is written by Eijchiro Oda and has been serialised in Weekly Shonen Jump since 1997. Its art, humour, characterisation and story have all received critical acclaim, and it is widely cited as the best-selling manga series in history with more than 380 million volumes in circulation worldwide.

Going to a theme park is a popular pastime in Japan and enthusiasts also have a new Legoland to look forward to, with the company behind the popular brightly-coloured plastic bricks confirming it will open an attraction in Nagoya Harbour by 2017.