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Sunday, 30th November 2014
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Kohaku Uta Gassen lineup announced

Japanese news provider NHK has long been wowing New Year revellers with its annual concert Kohaku Uta Gassen, and judging by the recently announced lineup for the latest show, this incarnation will be no different.

HKT48, May J and veteran Hiroko Yakushimaru are among the famed Japanese artists set to perform at the concert, which sees male and female singers grouped into two teams that then compete for the affection of the audience.

The contest's legendary reputation regularly attracts artists of the highest calibre, with other notable acts for the red (women's) team including model-singer Kyary Pamyu Pamyu and E-Girls.

Sayuri Ishikawa will also be participating in their 37th appearance at the annual concert, while Akiko Wada will mark her 38th appearance. However, fans expressed disappointment that Ayumi Hamasaki will be absent from the lineup due to other commitments and projects.

Popstars for the white team, or the men's team, will include V6 and Sekai on Owari, as well as Arashi, SMAP, Exile, Hiromi Go, Sexy Zone, American Chris Hart, Golden Bomber, Tokio and Kiyoshi Hikawa.

Veteran performer Shinichi Mori will make his 47th appearance, while Hiroshi Itsuki performs for the 44th time.

Actress Yuriko Yoshitaka will host the gala, taking over from Haruka Ayase last year. She will be assisted by Arashi.

Excitement has only been heightened by the fact that May J has been confirmed to be singing her smash hit Let It Go from the Disney film Frozen, which has continued to dominate the charts throughout 2014.

However, anything could happen at Kohaku Uta Gassen (Red Versus White), which is still considered to be one of the most prestigious music events in the calendar to be invited to perform on.