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Thursday, 29th May 2008
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Japanese actress promotes Yokohama's charms

A Japanese actress has spoken of her affection for her home city of Yokohama ahead of a series of events designed to celebrate the founding of the port 150 years ago.

From April of next year, Yokohama will be marking 150 years since its founding with a six-month long festival.

Ryoko Yonekura described her home city as being exotic and having a "different atmosphere" to other urban areas in Japan and around the world.

The former model and celebrated beauty went on to hail Yokohama as a "special" place at a promotional event in Tokyo at which she was wearing a white Fendi dress.

She is quoted by the Mainichi Daily News as saying: "When I need to calm myself down, I often drive over the Bay Bridge. Yokohama is the place to take a break for me."

The city's Nissan Stadium, formerly the International Stadium of Yokohama, hosted the football World Cup Final in the summer of 2002, when Brazil defeated Germany to become champions for the fifth time.