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Thursday, 23rd October 2014
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Tokyo Station celebrates 100th birthday

Tokyo Station will be a hive of activity this December as railway fanatics descend upon the transport hub to celebrate the centenary of its opening on the 20th An exciting programme of festive events has been prepared in anticipation of this special day, with many people cherishing Tokyo Station as the gateway to the country.

Celebrations of the centenary actually got underway back in July, with the production of a short anime film that received praise from around the world for its emotional portrayal of the impressive building. Commissioned by Tokyo Station City, the film explored the shopping, dining, and entertainment complex attached to the station as well as the train platforms themselves.

The Yamanote loop line, which passes through Tokyo Station on its elliptical journey around the city, has been decorated in homage to the red-bricked Marunouchi facade, with the trains on this line changing overnight last weekend (October 18th).

Japan Railways will also invite the public to submit photographs related to Tokyo Station over social media, with prize-winning entries being displayed inside its trains starting on December 18th.

Meanwhile, at Tokyo Station Gallery - which is housed in another part of the building - valuable items a variety of interesting objects illustrating its vibrant history will be on display. Highlights include the relief sculptures used to create the domed ceilings that were destroyed during World War II. This part of the celebration will commence on December 13th.

Tokyo Station is located in the centre of the capital, within walking distance of the Imperial Palace.

Japan has a lot of pride in its railway system, particularly its intercity Shinkansen 'bullet train' services, which continue to wow visitors with their speed and magnificent service, quite unlike anything else in the world.

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